Bon Appétit 🤤🤤

You are the type of guy who sort of likes exuberance and taking those one time opportunities to heart. You ardently value extravagance dearly but your poor heart is a miser. You are the kind who, you know, likes to go to church and worship like a dog and hangout with the better halves👧[not true].... Continue Reading →

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Only coz am 16😓😓

We decide to walk into a store with a couple of friends ,my ride or dies ama as for us the YOLO generation dub it :LE SQUAD😎. My fingers were typing down the keyboard of my example of a cellphone(realized I became fast and good at gliding my fingers😂) I couldn’t even tell the workers... Continue Reading →

why so dumb?😒

        Every now and then technology gets smarter but ironically the lyrics don't. Our gadgets have become to show us all the poetry ones so called grey matter could compose but it ain't there. Intricate metaphors, flawless wordplay and poetry that made you memorize each word of a favorite song are all but gone... Continue Reading →

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